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One-on-One Sew-In and Signature Wave Class

Duration: Approximately 5 hours


Instructor: Dominique Nicole (Dommiecole)


Objective: To teach the participant how to perform a professional sew-in hair weave installation and create Dominique's signature waves.




   - Welcome and getting acquainted 

   - Brief overview of the class


Sew-IN Tutorial 

   - Tools and materials required

   - Demonstrating proper sectioning and braiding techniques

   - Step-by-step guide to sewing in the weave

   - Tips for a secure and comfortable sew-in

   - Q&A session


Hands-On Practice - Sew-In 

   - Participant practices sectioning, braiding, and sewing in the weave

   - Instructor provides personalized guidance and feedback

   - Troubleshooting common issues


Signature Wave Styling 

   - Heat styling tools and products

   - Demonstrating wave styling techniques

   - Participant practice with guidance

   - Q&A session


Hands-On Practice - Signature Waves 

   - Participant practices creating signature waves

   - Instructor provides personalized guidance and feedback

   - Styling tips and tricks


Final Touches and Styling

   - Participant completes their sew-in weave and signature wave style

   - Instructor provides any additional tips and adjustments

Conclusion and Recap 

   - Review of key takeaways

   - Participants can ask any remaining questions

No Materials Required! Just bring yourself and a positive attitude!

I'm excited to offer you the opportunity to master the art of my sewin technique and my signature waves. This investment of $1200 is not just a financial commitment; it's an investment in your skills, your future, and your earning potential in the beauty industry.


You will gain the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in these sought-after hairstyling techniques, and you’ll quickly see the returns on your investment in this course.

After your payment is received, please email us at letting us know your availability. Class will be held during the week 10am-3pm. ALL PAYMENTS ARE FINAL 

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