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Hairstylist and creator, known for my beauty and statement hair styling. Since the beginning of my professional hair journey, at age seventeen, I have been fortunate enough to experience so many avenues of the beauty industry. 

Those avenues include salon ownership, styling on the set of television shows, events, and beauty campaigns, having my work published in magazines both nationally and internationally, and watching my muses sachet down the aisles of weddings and runways. All of which have propelled my career and the love I have for creating and the beauty industry.

My experience, attention to detail, and drive sets me apart and puts me in a lane of my own. I pull inspiration from everything round me. When it comes to generating looks, my mind and creativity has no limits.

I enjoy connecting with people from all walks of life, also inspiring and influencing others through the art of hairstyling and story telling. My passion attracts my audience, current and future clients, as well as brands I partner with and love!

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